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The Latest Switch Game News and Information

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The best games for Nintendo Switch

These are the games you should own — for now. We regularly revise and add to the list as appropriate. Oh, and if you've got a Switch Lite, don't worry: Every game on the list is fully supported by the ...

Introducing Xylophone, From The Studio That Brought You Nintendo Switch's Calculator

Last week, Sabec launched Calculator for Nintendo Switch. The $10 app (which literally is a calculator, by the way) immediately achieved meme status, with Switch owners having far too much fun sharing ...

Best Switch games: the most essential Nintendo Switch games right now

If you’re on the lookout for the best Switch games to play at home and on the go then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a lot of choice, which is certainly great, but that can also ...

Snowrunner arrives on Switch: Mud-running goes mobile

One of the best console driving games is now available on Nintendo's portable console, and it was well worth the wait.

Video: Game Boy Advance On Nintendo Switch Online? Here's How It Could Look

We're pretty fond of the Switch, and we'd never say no to a lazy Sunday with an old Game Boy Advance favourite, but what if the two could somehow combine, existing as one in some kind of online ...

Save On Some Great First-Party Nintendo Switch Games At Walmart Now

If you're looking to expand your Nintendo Switch game collection but want to save some cash, then Walmart has just what you need right now. The store is currently selling a whole bunch of Nintendo ...

Apple might be working on a game console to compete with the Switch

More often than not, we know everything that there is to know about any new device long before it actually launches. Not every leak comes true, but secrets are virtually impossible to keep ...

Apple, Epic Games experts debate whether iOS gamers switch to other platforms

Apple and Epic expert witnesses are butting heads on whether iOS users are locked into the platform amid other choices on the market, such as game consoles or the web.

New Pokemon Snap review: Could Nintendo Switch sequel benefit from a refocus?

NEW POKEMON SNAP improves on most of the aspects of the original N64 game, but does it do enough to warrant the purchase? Find out in Express Online's newest Nintendo Switch review.

PowerA Fusion for Nintendo Switch review: Elite Switch controller has trade-offs

The PowerA Fusion is a nifty alternative to Nintendo's Pro Switch controller, though it requires some key sacrifices.

The best games for Nintendo Switch

and seven Switch games have outsold the Wii U console. Everything’s coming up Nintendo, then, thanks to the Switch’s unique hybrid format and an ever-growing game library with ...