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15 Best Video Game Mechanics From Recent Years

W hen a strong idea and faultless execution come together, they can turn a fun game into an all-time great, and a single gameplay mechanic that sees the marriage of those things c ...

The best video game sequels

Here are some of the best sequels to games that are seen as massive leaps in quality from their predecessor and perhaps even stand as the best in the series.

My Best Video Game Stock for 2021

The video game industry is poised to continue growing in 2021. Following high player engagement levels during the coronavirus pandemic, game companies now have a larger installed base of players to ...

The best video game stock at the moment

The best video game stock at the moment Stocks of video games performed strongly during the pandemic on the investment theory that means ...

Here’s where to find the best video game reviews (trust me)

About two years ago someone sent me a link to a video from a YouTube channel with less than 50 000 subscribers. I watched the video and I was hooked. I also felt like I’d found something special.

PlayStation 5 Vs Xbox Series X: Which Console Has The Best Video Game Lineup In 2021?

Sony's PS5 is the next-gen console to beat when it comes to exclusive games, but Microsoft is catching up fast.

Best video game consoles to buy on Amazon in 2021

If you are a video game enthusiast, these are the best video game consoles that you can buy on Amazon. Buy the best video game consoles.

It looks like one of the best video game crossovers is about to switch

It looks like one of the best video game crossovers is about to switch © SNK Back in the '90s, the idea of ​​Capcom and SNK working ...

The best video game titles being released in 2021

We’re now two weeks into 2021 and whilst it's not gotten off to the incredible start that many of us were promised by those pesky (to say the least) people i ...

10 Best Video Game Endings of 2020

A look back at some of the best ways games capped off their narratives last year. I f you take a look at your Trophies or Achievements for your games, you will likely see that, in many of them, around ...

10 Movie Sequels That'll Definitely Make You Angry

By no means a good movie in the traditional sense, Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1995 film adaption of Mortal Kombat is a very enjoyable time. Inspired by the first two titles in the franchise, its simple but ...