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The best free Switch games you can download and play right now

No matter what you're in the mood for, there's bound to be a free-to-play Switch game on this list for you. Load Error Keep in mind that many of these games listed below are "free to start" (as ...

Gnosia's Horror-Mystery Tone Is the PERFECT Blend of The Thing & Among Us

Gnosia sounds a lot like Among Us, but this wild horror mystery has plenty of RPG and visual novel elements that make it a must-play Switch title.

The best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch

Spellbreak is a free-to-play Switch game that is crafted by veterans of the MMO industry and is certainly worthy of your time. Featuring over 350 vehicles, more than 25 maps, and loads of ...

Android 10 comes to the Nintendo Switch

But you’re also not giving up the ability to play Switch games, as Android is installed on a microSD card instead of being flashed to the console itself. It’s nice to see this Switch mod get ...

Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One

With the Joy-Cons attached to the included Joy-Con grip and the console docked, users can play Switch games in a traditional console format. Joy-Cons can also be used for refined motion gaming ...

Video: Respawn Entertainment Shares Apex Legends Switch Gameplay Trailer

It arrives as a free-to-play title next week on 9th March and will thrust players into Season 8, while also granting Switch players 30 free levels and double XP gains for the first two weeks.

Nintendo Plugs Zelda: Skyward Sword HD With New "Button-Only" Control Scheme

Motion controls didn't always work as intended, and certain actions weren't always registered during the more crucial moments of the game if movements weren't properly executed. In addition to the ...

Nintendo Switch Lite review

The $199 Switch Lite is an excellent dedicated handheld with a fantastic game library, though it may be a bit too small for bigger hands.

How to Stop YouTube Videos from Playing Automatically on Samsung Galaxy Note 20| Disable YouTube AutoPlay

Simply toggle the Auto-play switch right below the subscribe link while watching a YouTube video. If for some reason, you cannot stop the videos from playing automatically even after disabling ...